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DaVinci installation manual

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DaVinci indicator installation steps

Step 0:

To download DaVinci harmonic indicator visit:

You fill in your name, your email and first 4 digits of your MT4 Account number and press the DaVinci PRO button. Due to various reasons DaVinci Standard version is no longer available.

Note:You will receive additional information by email.

Step 1:

Extract the files from the zip.

Step 2:

Verify that you have 3 files: DaVinci indicator as EX4 file, DaVinciConfig.TXT file for registration details and DaVinciData CSV config file with patterns configurations. Earlier versions of DaVinci had only two files (ex4 and csv config) in the package.

DaVinci indicator package content

Step 3:

Extract the files from the zip.

Step 4:

EX4 file copy to your MQL4 Indicators directory.

Step 5:

TXT and CSV files copy to your MQL4 Files directory.

Step 6:

Edit TXT configuration file with Notepad or any other text editor.

DaVinci indicator original TXT configuration file

Replace the first two lines with the information you have received in the email.

Replace: --- put your email here --- with your activation email address.

Replace: --- put your ActivationCode here --- with your activation code.

Configuration example:

DaVinci indicator TEXT configuration file

Save the changes you did to the TXT file.

Step 7:

Restart MT4 platform.

Step 8:

Verify that DaVinci appears on the MT4 indicators list.

Step 9:

Insert indicator on your charts.

place davinci on the chart

Step 10:

Make sure you check the DaVinci Functional Description and DaVinci Configuration Manual.

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